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  • Grace

    Grace is an homage to classic gin botanicals.

    Not a gin, but a drink that pairs with tonic for a refreshingly bitter perfect serve. Not a gin, but a powerful foundation for a range of cocktails you can discover at The Cocktail Library.

  • Royal

    Royal draws on the traditions of the world's great dark spirits.

    Powerful, yet perfectly balanced. Subtly familiar, yet surprisingly different. Enjoy it over ice, neat paired with chocolate or as an integral element of more than 20 cocktails at The Cocktail Library.

  • The Ovant Experience

    This pack includes 3-full sized distillations, giving you endless possibilities to go beyond drinking.

    (3x 700ml / 70cl)


  • Verve

    Verve is a thoroughly modern aperitif.

    Simply mixed with soda or tonic or built into a bracing long drink at The Cocktail Library, Verve is intense and uplifting, capturing the anticipation of things to come.